A star fell into your eyes
No wonder that you are absolutly my nice
Give me a spirit to sail the life
Even the sorrow like a sharpest knife
Lead me to heaven, although she know who I am

Only a holy hand that want to touch me
Faith is yours, and I wanna see

A whole of my life like in a paradise
Here I am, let me to apoligize
Twinkling of your light gives me the eternal bright
Here I am, let me to apologize
Even I just sit and waiting for a hardly nod
Nothing that I need, beside you in my mind.

Whoa… your words in describing the thinking that you want to deliver is so good…
I mean the choice of the words…
Good work…
By Yoel

Published by Dimas Prasetyo Muharam

a sociopreneur, writer, blogger, digital marketing expert, freelance English translator and interpreter, and desire to be a diplomat of Indonesia. Send your contact to [email protected] View more posts

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