Utilizing the CRPD and CEDAW to Improve the Access of Information for Women with disabilities

This paper covers issues relating to improving the access of information by woman with disability, and engaging stakeholders in Indonesia who are responsible for gender and disability issues.  Nowadays, the gender movement in Indonesia is growing so fast. People can see woman in many positions across all sectors. Not only in low income sector where woman usually contribute, but also in higher positions as decision makers. Even though Indonesia is the biggest Muslim society, it’s not a big deal to have a woman as leader.

Experience from ALA Fellowship Program Gender and Disability

Adelaide – I love almost all the session in these 12 weeks courses. I learn so many new things about domestic violence, child, gender analysis, and leadership in intensive training. It enhances my knowledge about gender and disability, and realizes me to give more attention to women with disabilities as well. Because as young leader […]

12 Weeks with Gender and Disability in Adelaide

Adelaide – In this 3 months fellowship program, we did many various activities. There are Intensive Training, Field visits, Guest Speaker, and Mentoring sessions, Leadership networking sessions, writing policy brief sessions, Action Plans sessions, Symposium, and some Social activities. Those activities relate to each other and generally improve my leadership skills and knowledge regarding gender […]

Jauh-Jauh ke Australia Belajar Mengenai Perempuan

Adelaide – Judul tulisan ini selintas bernada provokatif dan meremehkan. Tapi bukan begitu yang aku maksud. Mengapa perempuan harus dipelajari karena mereka memang penting, dan kita semua lahir dari rahim seorang perempuan. Perempuan yang aku pelajari ini terkemas dalam isu gender, pokoknya bukan terkait sama hal-hal galau dan pasangan ya. Yup, dan di sinilah aku, […]