Four Precise strategies to be a good Boyfriend

In a relationship between two lovers, it is needed many things to make it longer and enjoyable. In fact, we can not stick in our idealist to love somebody. There are many things in common which our relation longer is probably out of our principle, but effective in make. In this piece of writing, you will see some tricks which are very useful for gentleman who is having a girlfriend.

The sins of Prita Mulyasari

Most of the media and forum discussion are talking about the case between Prita Mulyasari and Omni International Hospital. As usual, there must be a group who pro with Prita and criticize Omni International Hospital with the summation, they who cons with Prita and said that she obviously mock the hospital in other hand, and also a neutral group which don’t pro or even cons. In this essay, we won’t see the reason why people pros with Prita. The solidarity among the bloggers put Prita as the victim of the stronger authority. However, we must also see the other part of this case, especially some factors why Prita should be punished with humiliation laws.

Freedom in Speaking,could we?

At first, I am just curious who Prita Mulyasari is. Her name often stated in every news program in TV and radio station. She is always related with a sensational case that evolves the Onmi International Hospital, Tangerang district. After I heard most of my friends discuss it, finally I understand what’s going on.

Facebook is Proscribe?

In recent days, we hear some news about Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI), an institution which rule and guide Muslim society in Indonesia, create an instruction (fatwa) that facebook is forbidden for Muslim. They argue that facebook has created many bad impacts such adultery, free sex intercourse, and so on. If we see from the impacts, as soon all of us would agree that those are some society diseases which must be avoided. However, we also should take a look at the relation of using facebook and those bad impacts.

Ponary The Little Shaman

I believe, you’ve known everything, but I just want to share something to you. In my country, since the beginning of this year, people talking about Ponari. Who is ponari? Ponari is a 9-year-old child who is living in Jombang, East Java. He becomes so famous because of a mysterious stone that he found accidentally. There are many version of discovering this stone by locals. One of the famous stories is that stone was discovered by Ponari after he was struck by lightning. The stone was identified as meteorite, and the astonishing fact that this stuff can heal many diseases.