Review: a Keystone of Apartheid

Basically, education is needed to transform the culture, norms, values, and build a person to understand better whatever around him. Each of us needs education, since child till the end of our life. However, something that essentially has good purpose, can also be an evil instrument depends on the ruler. Furthermore, it can be worse if the deviation was run by an official institution such a country. Walton R. Johnson, an admission counselor and former dean at Livingston College, analyze the implication of manipulating education in South Africa as the social stratification engineering in his article titled “Education: Keystone of Apartheid”. He explains thoroughly the Whites South Africa government policy in education that impact to the attempt of perpetuating the Whites supremacy toward the Africans. How the system of education methodically create the social discrimination in the society, and the effects to the Africans self-determination.