UI Turns to Liberal Arts College?

In recent years, there is an issue in Indonesian academic to apply the Liberal Arts Education method in universities. This idea comes among the lot of criticisms toward the national education system. Some people say that our current curriculum or system does not build the students to be well-rounded person. School or college are considered just teaching one major, and forces the student to become experts in that place without mastering the other things. Also, they believe that students can not only take a number of classes which are directly related to the student’s career goal. They argue that Students should also study other lectures outside the major. It’s aimed to create students who are able to do multitasking job, so they will always be ready whatever the field is. The Rector of Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Gumilar Rusliwa Somantri, also has an interest on the Liberal Arts method. Just after the inauguration of being the rector of Universitas Indonesia, he stated his intention to apply the method in the university. However, we also need to consider the objective of Liberal Art Education with the demand of the global world toward the skillful workers nowadays. This essay will discuss whether the Liberal Arts education is still relevant to be applied in Universitas Indonesia as the first class university in Indonesia by considering the job competition, educational fund, and the human resources availability.