In this essay, I would like to compare the way of two online editions of The Jakarta Post and The Jakarta Globe in delivering the news about student demonstration in Makassar 5 March 2010. Although both media use English as the language, they have different perspective related to the background. The Jakarta Post is the largest English newspaper in Indonesia which is published by PT Bina Media Tenggara. It is owned by the biggest Indonesian consortium, the Gramedia Group. The printed edition was launched at 25 April 1983 after the discussion between Indonesia Minister of Information Ali Moertopo and Mr. Jusuf Wanandi, who represented the government-backed Golkar newspaper Suara Karya. Government decided to allow the publishing in order to fight against the foreign perspective by Indonesia’s views regarding the international issue through English-newspaper. For the online edition (, The Jakarta Post has just made this on June 1994. On the other hand, The Jakarta Globe is relatively a new English-newspaper in Indonesia which was published at 12 November 2008 by PT Jakarta Globe Media. This newspaper provides an independent view beside the governments. Since the first date of the publishing, this newspaper has launched the online edition in address