Media menjadi bagian yang teramat penting dalam kehidupan manusia saat ini. Akselerasi hidup yang menuntut manusia untuk harus serba cepat, berakibat pada arus informasi yang diminta pun semakin deras. Terlebih lagi di era segala sesuatu serba on-line seperti belakangan ini. Media on-line tidak lagi hanya dimanfaatkan sebagai sarana komunikasi saja. Media pemberitaan saat ini telah memanfaatkannya pula untuk mempercepat arus informasi dari para wartawan langsung ke khalayak. Tiap ada peristiwa yang baru terjadi, informasinya akan segera diterbitkan di media online. Sedangkan jika hanya mengandalkan media cetak seperti koran atau majalah, isi berita tersebut baru akan diketahui khalayak keesokan harinya. Media jejaring sosial (Social  Network) seperti Facebook dan twitter tak luput dari bidikan media pemberitaan sebagai sarana pewartaannya.

Four Precise strategies to be a good Boyfriend

In a relationship between two lovers, it is needed many things to make it longer and enjoyable. In fact, we can not stick in our idealist to love somebody. There are many things in common which our relation longer is probably out of our principle, but effective in make. In this piece of writing, you will see some tricks which are very useful for gentleman who is having a girlfriend.

The Infringement of Gricean Maxims In Nasreddin’s Stories

Introduction As a human, we have two-side of roles. They are we as an individual and we as the part of a society. In order to interact to the other human in society, we use language as the tool. “Language is a way to communicate ideas comprehensibly from one person to another in such a […]

Review: a Keystone of Apartheid

Basically, education is needed to transform the culture, norms, values, and build a person to understand better whatever around him. Each of us needs education, since child till the end of our life. However, something that essentially has good purpose, can also be an evil instrument depends on the ruler. Furthermore, it can be worse if the deviation was run by an official institution such a country. Walton R. Johnson, an admission counselor and former dean at Livingston College, analyze the implication of manipulating education in South Africa as the social stratification engineering in his article titled “Education: Keystone of Apartheid”. He explains thoroughly the Whites South Africa government policy in education that impact to the attempt of perpetuating the Whites supremacy toward the Africans. How the system of education methodically create the social discrimination in the society, and the effects to the Africans self-determination.

Feminisme dalam Cerpen Perempuan Sinting di Dapur

Ketika mendengar kata perempuan, maka di benak kita akan terlintas kata-kata seperti lembut, cantik, lemah, manja, penurut, dan seterusnya. Bagi masyarakat pada umumnya, konsep ini dimaklumi sebagai sesuatu yang kodrati bagi seorang perempuan. Kaum esensialis pun seperti para pemuka agama dan masyarakat turut mendukung bahwa atribut-atribut yang melekat dalam konsep seorang perempuan adalah sesuatu yang kodrati atau alamiah dikarenakan factor biologis sebagai perempuan itu sendiri.

What Does Woman Achieve from Her Body?

Nowadays, advertisement is something important to the mostly of mass media. It supports the mass media by sponsoring them to keep in circulation. As the compensation, the company or institution that pays certain mass media to put their ads on it will get more customers who see the ads. Moreover, the advertiser also makes the ads as attractive as possible, and one of the tricks is by using woman as the model. This is a common phenomenon in our advertising world. The advertiser often uses Woman as the model even though the product is not aimed to woman kind. Some feminist consider this as the form of woman exploitation, because the company “sell” the woman’s body to market the product. However, Woman’s body exploitation could also give woman any benefits such as the freedom to express themselves, access the public area, get a better finance, and build the gender equality between man and woman.

Finding New Home

Perhaps you are a person who is getting bored with your society and country. Actually, this condition is often occurring among Indonesian people. The messiness, untidiness, and the hypocrisy bring people to the peak where they want to leave this country as soon as possible. However, to migrate to another country or continent, you must learn the language and custom first, except if you decide to move to mars or moon. Furthermore, learning the language is not enough at all. Sometimes some misunderstandings occur while communicating with the locals who have extremely different cultural background with us. One of the trick is by mastering the body language, and seeing any similarities and differencies between them. Therefore, let’s take two countries which come from different continent to review. On this essay, I’ll choose Russia which is located at Europ, and Egypt in Africa. Although they absolutely have different location, we’ll see whether both people still have some similarities in their body languages or not including the spatial concept, gender relationship, and dinning ethic which will be our consideration to deciding new home.