When I close my eyes,
I definitely can see you there
Although the sharpest knife slice my heart,
I absolutely can feel you are here

She came at the grey ray
Feels my pain, with her lovely touch
In a silent of the remnant cry
She whispered, ‘nobody can hurt you anymore’

I’m like a Prince in the winter land
There are a mount of snow wherever I see
But one part of my self that will never cold,
Is my heart that is devoted to the perfect lee.

Hi Dimas. I don’t know that you are such a poetic person.
I like the way you choose your words to express your feelings.
I also like the figurative language you use such as the simile, the personification, etc.
Keep up the good work, Dim!
– Lissa

Published by Dimas Prasetyo Muharam

a sociopreneur, writer, blogger, digital marketing expert, freelance English translator and interpreter, and desire to be a diplomat of Indonesia. Send your contact to me@dimasmuharam.info View more posts

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  1. sangat suka dengan tulisan ini….mencoba untuk menggunakan rasa dan perasaan untuk melihat keadaan sekeliling….like this so….

    sangat termotivasi dngan tulisan2 anda…trima kasih telah menciptakan blog ini….^_^